Looking for someone to help you improve the performance of your website?

Whether you're building a brand-new website from scratch or hoping to optimize the website you have, you've come to the right place! Our unique crossroads of expertise means we can take a well-rounded approach to make sure your site checks all the boxes.

  • Excellent user experience, for better onsite convertibility

  • Structured well for SEO / organic rankings

  • Well-executed brand messaging that sets you apart from your competitors

Our website conversion rate optimization (CRO) consulting services are specifically designed with the following outcomes in mind:

  • Higher onsite conversion rate, turning more site visitors into leads and customers.

  • Higher visibility online via organic rankings (SEO).

  • Higher average sales.

  • Decreasing average cost per acquisition (CPA), reducing the amount you have to spend to acquire new customers.

  • Increasing average customer lifetime value.

  • Increasing social followers.

  • Increasing newsletter and SMS subscribers.

  • Strengthen your brand voice, helping you effectively communicate your brand personality and values.

Our website consulting services include the following:

  • Identification of the goals or objectives you have for your website. Who is your target market and what action do you ultimately want them to take? This helps guide our analysis and recommendations.

  • Analysis of your site's customer or user experience & Google Analytics, if available. If you don't have Google Analytics set up, we can help get Analytics installed.

  • Home page audit & recommendations. Can site visitors easily find the information they are looking for? Does your site communicate what you want it to about your brand? Is your value proposition & key differentiators obvious?

  • Is your website structured to rank organically for your top keywords (SEO)? Do you have enough content on your site? Is your content optimized for search engines?

  • Service or product page audits & recommendations. Are there any barriers to visitors converting or checking out? Do your service or product pages create natural upsell opportunities?

  • Recommendations on site navigation to ensure site visitors can easily find the information they need & convert. Does your site have any dead ends?

  • Analysis of your site's trust factor. Does your brand give the perception of being trustworthy?

  • Analysis of onsite branding. Is your brand represented consistently across the entire site?

  • Analysis of your site's ability to turn site visitors into social followers & newsletter or SMS subscribers.

Why trust Orca Business Consulting with this very important aspect of your business?

You'll be working directly with our Founder & CEO, Rachel. With nine years of experience as Chief Customer Officer for one of the country’s fastest-growing website design, technology, and marketing companies, Rachel can provide significant value and a unique perspective. She's been managing websites since 2007 when she started managing internal and event websites for Hewlett Packard.

She has been recognized by several organizations over the years for her work in marketing, leadership, and customer service. Awards include:

The unique value and perspective Rachel brings is rooted in:

  • Experience with Website Design & Digital Marketing: Rachel’s started managing internal and event websites for Hewlett Packard in 2007. This is one of the things that qualified her for a leadership role at Madwire, which was a custom website design and digital marketing firm at the time. Since then she has helped hundreds of small and medium businesses design and optimize their websites. Ultimately your website is a marketing tool. Rachel's background in digital marketing provides a valuable perspective. Understanding the role a website plays in a company's digital marketing strategy and conversion funnel is key to your company's ability to convert website visitors to leads and ultimately customers.

  • B2B Consulting Experience: Rachel has advised hundreds of small and medium businesses from many different industries on website design and optimization.


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Rachel is brilliant and such a joy to work with!

Rachel is brilliant and such a joy to work with! She helped me understand how to optimize my website and further develop my company’s branding. Although she is an expert in the field, she explains it in a way that is easy to understand and implement. She gave me a simple to follow task-list that is helping my business gain visibility and convey the message I want to convey. Rachel is a delight to work with and I would highly recommend her to any business.

-Heather B, CEO & Founder

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