Brand Development

Looking for someone to help you develop or strengthen your brand?

Our Brand Development Consulting services are specifically designed with the following outcomes in mind:

  • Clear value proposition communicated to your customers and leads via your branding. Leads need to know how your product or service will benefit them.

  • Differentiation of your brand in the market. It's very important your target market knows why they should buy from you over your competitors.

  • Better brand recognition amongst your target market.

  • Strengthening your branding in a way that turns your branding into a business asset and contributes to the value of your company.

  • Graphic elements such as your logo, colors & fonts that help communicate your company personality & values.

Value Proposition

Value Proposition

Good branding begins with a thorough understanding of what your clients need and how your product or service is meeting those needs. It may seem obvious but you would be surprised how many business owners forget to take a step back and set the foundation for their business. They know what product or service they want to offer, but don't always effectively communicate how that product or service provides value or meets the needs of their customers.

Key Differentiators

Key Differentiators

Why should someone choose to buy from you over your competitors? Is that clear to leads or site visitors? This is another fundamental element that can have a huge impact on branding but is overlooked more often than you would think.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

The competitive environment you're operating in should impact your branding as well, including how and what you communicate so you know how to stand out amongst your competition. We'll help you understand the competitive landscape and how to position yourself amongst the competition.

Industry Analysis

Industry Analysis

Do you have a good understanding of which of your products or services are increasing in demand versus declining? Using tools like Google Trends can give us at least a high level look at what products, services and key terms are most popular or increasing in popularity, which can help us understand how to communicate the value your brand has to offer.

Brand NameBrand Name

Brand Name & Domain

In the event you don't have a company name yet or are considering a change, we can help you identify a brand name that reflects the value you have to offer, is easy to spell, easy to say and is memorable. Next, of course, is your website domain. Your domain can act as a huge asset to your company, if chosen carefully. In some cases, domain availability may even impact your selection of a company name. (You don't want to choose a company name whose domain is being used by a competitor.)

Social Media Profile Handles

Social Media Profile Handles

Social media marketing is such an integral part of brand presence. Your social media handles, which are your unique profile identifiers, are important in ensuring that customers and leads can easily find and interact with your brand. We can also help design your profile picture and cover photos, for consistent branding and professionalism across all platforms.

Our Brand Development Consulting Services include:

  • Consultation sessions with our Founder & CEO, Rachel.

  • Analysis of your current branding, if available.

  • Competitor analysis.

  • Development of your unique value proposition.

  • Identification of your key differentiators.

  • Development of a tagline that concisely communicates your company's value.

  • Research and recommendations for a company name, if needed.

  • Research and recommendations for a domain name, if needed.

  • Research & recommendations for Instagram handles and hashtags if needed.

  • Development of graphic elements such as your logo, brand colors, typography (fonts), and more.

  • Collaboration with a professional graphic designer to create email signatures and business card templates.

  • Identification of brand voice. This is the language your company uses, and part of how you communicate your company personality.

  • A Brand Guidelines PDF that can be provided to employees or vendors that provides direction with regard to logo usage, colors, fonts, brand voice, etc. This helps ensure consistency on the execution side.

Why trust Orca Business Consulting with this very important aspect of your business?

With nine years of experience as Chief Customer Officer for one of the country’s fastest-growing technology and marketing companies, our CEO, Rachel, can provide significant value and a unique perspective. Rachel has extensive experience working directly with business owners on brand development, among many other things. Part of her role was helping identify solutions when clients weren't getting the return they wanted from their marketing efforts. Brand identity is one of the elements that can negatively impact a company's ability to convert leads into new customers if not well developed and executed.

Rachel has been recognized by several organizations over the years for her leadership in marketing, leadership, and customer service. Awards include:


Expertise, patience, kindness, and professionalism

With regard to branding, I don’t know my head from my tail. However, when I took the first steps to build my new acupuncture practice I wanted to make sure my business name, logo, and website all conveyed a simple, direct, and positive message. Rachel was key in making that happen. She seemed almost endlessly available for questions, troubleshooting, and just a little bit of emotional therapy. Her expertise, patience, kindness, and professionalism are pillars from which she helped to mold the brand that I’m proud to helm.

Dr. David W, Founder


Rachel is brilliant and such a joy to work with!

Rachel is brilliant and such a joy to work with! She helped me understand how to optimize my website and further develop my company’s branding. Although she is an expert in the field, she explains it in a way that is easy to understand and implement. She gave me a simple to follow task-list that is helping my business gain visibility and convey the message I want to convey. Rachel is a delight to work with and I would highly recommend her to any business.

-Heather B, CEO & Founder


I cannot recommend Rachel LaFollette enough

A couple of years ago, our 130 year old, 6th generation family business decided we needed to update our logo and rebrand ourselves for a newer generation. Little did we know what a challenge that would become. Trying to maintain the history of our heritage, which has brought us this far, yet allow us to look current and far less antiquated.

Our team took to the task for several months thinking how hard could this be. After numerous iterations, countless hours, and great frustration, we learned of the talent and knowledge of Rachel LaFollette.

Rachel entered our situation with a calm grace. With her knowledge, experience and especially her patience, she intently listened to our desires, understood our objectives, and got to work with the designs we had been working on, as we were convinced, we were on a good path, we just needed some professional clean-up. Working with a multi-generational family business, with strong opinions, I’m sure gave Rachel cause to wonder why she ever agreed to help; however, she never lost her patience, poise or professionalism. Ultimately Rachel convinced us to trust her and her team to come up with their own ideas, scraping ours, and to trust her process. That was the best decision we could ever make.

Within a very short period, Rachel presented us with the perfect fit. Her encouragement to get out of our own way, stop over analyzing, trust her experience and look to a simpler elegance, produced for us everything we could have hoped for.

I cannot recommend Rachel LaFollette enough. Her skill, knowledge, experience and her patience, make her head and shoulders above anyone I’ve ever seen. Thank you Rachel.

- Phil W, 5th Generation, Owner

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