Looking for someone to help your team improve their customer service processes and skill sets?

The way your customers feel after interacting with your team can make or break your company's ability to close leads and earn repeat business. Beginning with the very first interaction potential customers have with your team to the way you follow up after a sale, every interaction is an opportunity to grow your business.

Our Customer Service Consulting targets the following outcomes:

  • Lower cost per acquisition, due to a more efficient and effective sales process. This means you're spending less to acquire each new customer.

  • Increased sales close rates. This is turning a higher percentage of leads into paying customers.

  • Increased average sales.

  • Improved brand reputation. A huge percentage of leads look at online reviews before purchasing from a new business.

  • Increased customer satisfaction.

  • Higher customer retention, lower churn.

  • Higher customer lifetime value. This is increasing the revenue you receive, on average, from any one specific customer over the entire duration of your relationship with them.

  • Higher profits due to more effective & efficient processes and team. Profits are king!

We believe in taking a holistic approach to customer service, beyond just addressing employee communications and processes.

Our Consulting Services include:

    • Analysis of your current sales and customer service processes and execution, identifying and prioritizing areas of opportunity.

    • Customized processes and best practices that are standardized, repeatable, and measurable. Rachel can even help you write scripts, email templates, text templates, and more for common conversations.

    • Team training for your customer-facing employees and their leaders.

    • One-on-one coaching for leaders and employees.

    • Organizational processes and structure, help ensure consistency and follow-through on behalf of your team.

    • Compensation structure analysis to align employee goals with customer retention & satisfaction.

    • Help with technological integrations that can run in the background, nurturing leads & customers, without the need for heavy lifting by your team.

    • Training on de-escalation techniques. This is a very important part of customer service and is often overlooked. Lack of training in this area can burn out your team and result in poor outcomes when customers have concerns. More on that here.

    • Analysis or creation of customer loyalty programs. More on that here.

Why trust Orca Business Consulting with this very important aspect of your business?

With nine years of experience as Chief Customer Officer for one of the country’s fastest-growing technology companies, our business consultant, Rachel, can provide significant value and a unique perspective. She has been recognized by several organizations over the years for her success in customer service, marketing, and leadership. Awards include:

The unique value and perspective Rachel brings is rooted in:

  • B2B Consulting Experience: Rachel has advised hundreds of small and medium businesses from many different industries on how they can better serve their customers, thus improving their own close rates, average sale & customer lifetime value.

  • Expertise as a Customer Service Trainer & Coach: Rachel’s experience and ability to provide excellent customer service led to her training every incoming customer-facing employee for one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the US over the last ten years. Thousands of employees and leaders, ranging from account representatives to onboarding specialists, social media managers, and support representatives went through group training and/or one-on-one customer service coaching with Rachel.

  • Breadth of Personal Customer Service Experience: Rachel’s experience in customer service is broad, ranging from various service industries to serving large corporate B2B accounts for Hewlett Packard.


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If your team is looking for the secret weapon to success, you’ve found it here!

Working with Rachel is one of the best things that I’ve done for my professional career. Her knowledge and techniques are something I utilize in various ways in my day to day life - both professionally and personally. After working with her, I’ve learned how to confidently navigate conversations, better negotiate, and better serve my customers.

If your team is looking for the secret weapon to success, you’ve found it here!

-Sammy T, Content & Social Media Specialist



I had the pleasure of working with Rachel for over 7 years. Although she was a C title the entire time and I encompassed several roles, in every single position she was like an unofficial role model and mentor to me. Rachel is so approachable, she can make anyone feel right at home and comfortable, which is very valuable for quickly addressing tough situations.

Despite coming into the organization with years of leadership experience from the military, I have no doubt in my mind that Rachel taught me more about leadership, professionalism, and de-escalation than any other one person has to date. It seemed that whatever I came to Rachel with, big or small, she could give me direction in handling it with truly one of a kind perspective.

One of the things I loved the most was that she didn't just give me an answer or direction, but gave me a deeper understanding of the 'why' so I could grow with all of her coaching as well. These lessons are ones that I have worked on passing down to those below me and I have no doubt will continue to benefit the organization for years to come.

- Dustin B, Lead Marketing Success Manager

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