Looking ways to improve customer or donor retention?

It's a well-known fact that it costs less to grow past and current customers than it is to acquire new ones. However, implementing effective customer or donor retention programs can be harder than it sounds.

We know from personal experience that for many businesses and non-profits, customer (or donor) retention can be the key to sustainable and profitable growth.

Welcoming us into your Pod means you'll be able to utilize the experience our team has for your benefit! We've been in the trenches, doing real-world trial and error so you don't have to.

Orca targets the following outcomes with our customer and donor retention solutions:

  • Increased customer retention (lower revenue churn & logo churn).
  • Higher customer lifetime value due to increased repeat business.
  • Improved brand reputation.
  • More referrals, leading to lower cost per acquisition.
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Why trust Orca Business Consulting with this very important aspect of your business?

Knowledge from the C-Suite: You'll be working directly with our founder & CEO, Rachel LaFollette. With nine years of experience as Chief Customer Officer for one of the country’s fastest-growing marketing and technology companies, Rachel can provide significant value and a unique perspective. As CCO, she was the primary owner and driver of the company's customer loyalty programs, customer service training, customer satisfaction reporting, online reputation management and more.

Industry-recognized Success: Rachel has been recognized by several organizations over the years for her work in leadership, customer service and marketing. Awards include:

Our Consulting Services include:

  • Analysis of Customer Loyalty Landscape: We'll help you identify what makes your customers loyal, based on your unique value proposition & key differentiators. We can help you gain a better understanding of how to communicate your business’ value & mission externally.
  • Customer Loyalty Programs: Analysis of your current customer loyalty programs, if available. Recommendations on how to utilize or improve customer loyalty programs for improved customer retention. Set up correctly, with the right reporting, customer loyalty programs are measurable. This will allow you to calculate their effectiveness, giving you confidence that the investment you make in these programs in the future will have a positive impact on your bottom line.
  • Customer & Partner Referrals: Analysis of your current referral business. Recommendations on how to increase customer & partner referrals.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Analysis of your customer satisfaction surveys, if available. Recommendations on how to utilize or improve customer satisfaction survey results to help provide direction on process or product/service improvements.
  • Online Brand Reputation: Best practices to help maintain a positive online brand reputation. Wondering which review sites you should pour company resources into and solicit reviews for? Struggling to collect product or service reviews for your own website? We can help ensure you have processes in place to keep the right online review profiles updated with current reviews. We'll also give you repeatable processes and strategies for responding to both positive and negative reviews.
  • Scalability: Customized processes, structure, and best practices that are standardized, repeatable, and measurable. This helps ensure that your customers are not negatively impacted by company growth & you have the ability to maintain customer experience no matter the size of your team. More on that here.
  • Customer service training for leaders & teams. Training can be completed in team, group or one-on-one coaching formats. More on that here.
  • De-escalation training for client-facing employees. This is a very important part of customer service and is often overlooked. Lack of training in this area can burn out your team and result in poor outcomes when customers have concerns. More on that here.
  • Social Media Analysis: This is another area many business owners struggle with. Maintaining social media profiles can be incredibly time-consuming and expensive. We can help you understand what social media activity is actually worthwhile for your specific industry. Done correctly it can be a wonderful tool in helping keep existing customers & leads engaged with your brand.
  • Company Culture & Employee Engagement: Your internal company culture and ability to hire, train & keep top talent is incredibly impactful to your customer experience. Is your company culture a customer-centric one? Does your employee compensation structure align employee focus with customer satisfaction and retention goals? Find more information on this topic here.
  • Technology: Recommendations for technological integrations that can help your team provide the best possible customer experience.


More About Our Consultant's Background:

  • Personal experience owning customer retention initiatives: Rachel has extensive experience identifying customer retention opportunities and implementing initiatives to improve retention. For several years she owned the development and execution of Madwire's customer loyalty programs, customer satisfaction surveys and analysis, retention reporting, development of brand voice guidelines and more. She also managed the brand's online reputation with great success.

  • B2B Consulting Experience: Rachel has advised hundreds of small and medium businesses from many different industries on various growth solutions, including customer retention strategies and tactics.


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If you want to invite an expert to assist your team with donor appreciation, make sure it is Rachel. She will help you create a sincere and thoughtful plan to appreciate your donors at every level. Thank you, Rachel, for sharing your expertise with our team!

-Kari S, Pastor



I had the opportunity to hear Rachel speak at Colorado State University. She spoke about why it’s crucial for businesses to cultivate a customer-centric culture, as well as practical tips on how to activate and measure success. She led with examples throughout her vast experience in this area and thoughtfully answered questions from the audience. I left her speaking engagement inspired to take action within my own life, both professionally and personally. I’m eager to learn more from Rachel and would highly recommend her to help businesses focus on their greatest assets — their customers.

- Courtney M, MBA candidate at CSU

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